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Gorō Mutsumi (睦五朗, Mutsumi Gorō, also credited as Goro Mutsu, born September 11, 1934 in Kobe) is a Japanese actor with more than 25 films to his credit. He has also appeared in numerous television shows, especially jidaigeki, in which he specializes in villains, and in tokusatsu. In addition, he is a stage and voice actor with prominent roles in narration, dubbing, and anime.

An early film appearance was in the 1963 Kōji Wakamatsu sex film Amai Wana in which he co-starred with Tamaki Katori. The 1965 Ken Ki with jidaigeki superstar Raizo Ichikawa was a move to the mainstream. Mutsumi had a voice role in the 1966 War of the Gargantuas. Films that received attention outside Japan include Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975) and The War in Space (1977). He also appeared in the 1992 Toho film Minbo.

Mutsumi is a frequent guest star on television. He has appeared in Key Hunter, Mighty Jack, Daichūshingura, Ōedo Sōsamō, Fireman, Lone Wolf and Cub, G-Men '75, Ultraman 80, Uchuu Keiji Sharivan, Shadow Warriors, Ōoka Echizen, Sanbiki ga Kiru!, and Moeyo Ken. In long-running series, he has appeared multiple times: Taiyō ni Hoero! (5), Tokusatsu Saizensen (5), Mito Kōmon (5), and Abarenbō Shōgun (4).

Mutsumi has been cast in many voice parts. He narrated Mirrorman, Hissatsu Shikakenin, and Shōjo Commando IZUMI. He dubbed Dr. Richard Kimble, the David Janssen role, in The Fugitive. Mutsumi also voiced Janssen's O'Hara in O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, and Russ Tamblyn's Dr. Stewart in War of the Gargantuas. He portrayed Crystal Boy in the 1982 anime Cobra.


This article incorporates material from 睦五朗 (Mutsumi Gorō), retrieved on March 15, 2008.

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