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Gor is an alternate-world setting for a novel series by John Norman.

Gor or GOR may also refer to :

Places and jurisdictions 
  • Gor, an Ancient city and bishopric at the site of Drâa-El-Gamra, Tunisia, now a Latin Catholic titular see
  • Gór, Hungary, a village in Hungary
  • Gor, Sikkim, a village in India
  • Gor (Spain), a town in Granada, Spain
  • Gōr, an ancient city in what is now Firouzabad, Fars Province, Iran
  • Great Ocean Road, an Australian driving road
In mythology 
In fiction 
Other uses 
  • Gor-class gunboat, a class of gunboats built for the Royal Norwegian Navy in the 1880s
  • GOR method, a method for secondary structure prediction
  • Gas oil ratio
  • Gained Output Ratio of Vacuum Distillation Desalination Plants: GOR = Amount of product water / amount of used stream
  • Government Office Region, a tier of local government in England
  • Gora (clan) or Gor, a clan of Jats in northern India
  • Gor is a community with administrative name as banjara available in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and worldwide.

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