Gora Kabristan, Lahore

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Headstone of Princess Bamba Sutherland (1869-1957), daughter of Maharajah Duleep Singh and granddaughter of Maharajah Ranjit Singh (2006)

The Gora Kabristan or Gora Cemetery (Punjabi/Urdu: گورا قبرِستان‬) in Lahore, Pakistan is the one of the oldest Christian cemetery in Lahore.


It is located adjutant to Taxali Gate of Lahore alongside now dried up bed of Ravi River known as Old Ravi


It was developed after establishment of British Raj in the Punjab Region as their primary Cemetery in Lahore. The name literally means the white graveyard. 'Gora' is an Urdu word and is used by Pakistanis to refer to light skinned or white people. Therefore, a more accurate translation would be "white people's graveyard." The term is not always necessarily used in a derogatory manner.

Notable interments[edit]

Many notable personalities of British era and early Pakistani era are buried there, including

Grave of A. R. Cornelius (2007).

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