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Sant Gora Kumbhar
Known forhis bhakti(devotion) for his god
PhilosophyBhakti movement
Religious career

Sant Gora Kumbhar (also known as Goroba) was a Hindu sant associated with the Bhakti movement and the Varkari sect of Maharashtra. He was a potter by trade and devotee of Vithal.[1]

Gora Kumbhar and other saints also wrote and sung hundreds of Abhangs (Shabads which can not be destroyed). The central tenet of the Varkari sect was the daily chanting of Kirtan. This sect attached least importance to the position/status of person in society.


Gora Kumbhar is traditionally believed to have lived in the village of Satyapuri, presently known as Goraba Ter in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra State. He is believed to have been a contemporary of Namdev. He is thought to have lived between ca. 1267 and ca. 1317 CE.[2][3] A small temple named after him was built in the village and is visited by devotees.[3]

In Popular culture[edit]

Several motion pictures have been produced in India, about the life and bhakthi of Gora Kumbhar:

  • 1967 Marathi film Gora Kumbhara, starred by Lalita Pawar and others.
  • Dinesh Raval directed Gujarati film Bhagat Gora Kumbhar in 1978, starring Arvind Trivedi, Sarla Yevlekar, Kalpana Diwan, Shrikant Soni, Mahesh Joshi and others.



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