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Goran Gocić (born May 6. 1962) is a Serbian freelance journalist,[1] editor, author and filmmaker, whose work has been published or broadcast by many media organizations worldwide. Gocic is the winner of the NIN Prize, a prestigious Serbian literary award for 2013.


  • Pornocratia: A Cultural History of Sex in the Media (2008/2009), a monograph on the ascent of pornography in the West, is his largest project so far.
  • Zelimir Zilnik: Above the Red Dust (2003) (chapter)
  • Notes from the Underground: The Cinema of Emir Kusturica (2001/2006)[1]
  • Degraded Capability: Media and the Kosovo Crisis (2000) (chapter)
  • Andy Warhol and Strategies of Pop (1997)
  • Tai (2013)


Gocić worked as an undercover reporter (in style of Gunter Walraff’s Ganz Unten) in the documentary Bloody Foreigners (2001) for the UK Channel 4 series Dispatches. He has become a champion of the DV revolution. He has an A M. Sc. in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics (1999).

He runs Force Majeure, the production company for feature documentaries Balkan Diaries: Bulgaria, on Orthodox priests facing transitional turmoil and Today a Visa, Tomorrow the World on Serbian troubles with visas.


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