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Goran Trenchovski
Born (1970-04-24) April 24, 1970 (age 49)
Strumica, Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia
OccupationFilm and theatre director, writer, lecturer, manager, theorist
Alma materAcademy of Arts, Novi Sad (1991), SFR Yugoslavia

Goran Trenchovski (also spelled as Trenčovski; Macedonian: Горан Тренчовски, b. April 24, 1970 in Strumica) is a Macedonian director, writer, artistic leader, founder, lecturer, humanist... He is the current head of AsterFest and chairman of the Tiberiopolian Film Alliance.


Trenchovski graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with an emphasis in film and theatre directing, in the class of prof. Boro Draskovic. After decay of SFRJ he became the youngest director on the Balkans. He directed numerous film and TV projects in different genres as well as stage performances with a number of plays by both classical and modern auteurs: Chubbies (a serial in 8 episodes), Beggars and Placards (a documentary), Krecho (a docudrama) and Multilevel (a TV feature film). His second TV feature film, Ghoul Quest, acquaints the audience with the fate of an authentic assortment of heroes torn from Balkan iconography, picturesquely sculptured and psychologically represented with all their good and bad sides. He also directed middle-length film projects: Slander, Under, A Step Ahead of Time, Candidates (5 episodes), Martin from the Stairs (6 episodes), I Believe in Macedonia, and The Spirit of my Father. His multi-awarded debut feature film Golden Five is based on true story about unsolved murder of five students in 1951.

He lived and worked for one year in Prague, Czech Republic and attended postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje where he has prepared the master thesis “Cinesthetic stories of Solev and Čingo (adapted into films by Rusomir Bogdanovski)”. He directed Sound Imagery, Slavic Orpheus, Infernal Machine, Libretto Wagner, Leonce and Lena, The Spirit of the Can, From the First Breath, Beggar's Opera and Endgame, as well as plays by Aeschylus, Witkacy, Dostoevsky, Ibsen, Andreyev, Artaud, Beckett, Ionesco, Pinter, Albee, Adamov and Arrabal. He was engaged as chief of the department for directing in national television MKRTV in Skopje.

Trenchovski also has experience as a producer and publisher. Since its inception in 2005, he is founder and manager of the Int'l film festival AsterFest in his hometown of Strumica. The festival has gained an international reputation, thanks to Trenchovski's networking as well as his involvement with the Tiberiopolian Film Alliance - Institute for shorts & docs. He has written seven books related to the performing arts and film. He is also the editor of the anthology of dramaticules Carnival Sighs (1998), the monograph Steps on the Star Planks (1999), special Beckett 100 (2006) and translator of Jiří Menzel's texts Faith and Doubt (2000).

His directions are screened, staged and awarded on festivals in many countries.

Participates at events, symposiums and conferences. Lectures on film, theater and intermediality.

He introduces and promotes the “poetics of (de)tronization”.

Now, he is a doctoral candidate.

Works (a choice)[edit]

  • Bullfights
  • Absurd
  • Alter Variations
  • Timer
  • Clochards and Placards
  • Oresteia
  • "Chubbies" (TV series)
  • Strike Woman
  • Half Century with Thalia
  • Jiří Menzel and Czech Film
  • Krecho
  • Taleland
  • Multilevel
  • Ghoul Quest (TV movie)
  • Sixth Day
  • The Lakeland of Nicola K.
  • Slander
  • One Step Ahead of Time
  • Under
  • "Candidates" (TV series)
  • "Martin from the Stairs" (TV series)
  • Adieus
  • The President
  • I Believe in Macedonia (about Boris Trajkovski)
  • The Spirit of my Father (about Risto Šiškov)[1]
  • Play and Save
  • "Love and Betrayal" (TV series)
  • Golden Five[2]
  • Endgame
  • Sound Imagery
  • The Water Hen
  • Slavic Orpheus
  • Lessons in Crime
  • Eumenides
  • The Turtles from Galapagos
  • Libretto Wagner
  • Infernal Machine
  • Luna Prima
  • From the First Breath
  • Leonce and Lena
  • Beggars' Opera
  • Off the Rail
  • Eleshnik
  • The Story of Philolahes and the Others
  • The Spirit of the Can
  • The Zoo Story
  • Macedonian Emigration
  • Tobacco Album
  • Endgame MMI
  • Dry Tree from Babylon
  • The Big Python
  • Home for Birds
  • Strumica 1918
  • Tiburcio and Sinforosa
  • Carnal Wonder
  • End(K)ing[3]
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Partále
  • The Cabinet of Prof. Taranna
  • John Gabriel Borkman
  • The Idiot
  • Od pitač do kral: režiserski beleški, Združenie na dramski umetnici "Talija", Skopje, 1995. ISBN 9989-9803-0-6
  • Orbis pictus: makedonskata filmska i TV-režija i drugi tekstovi, "Magor", Skopje, 2001. ISBN 9989-851-49-2
  • Poetika na (de)tronizacijata, "Tera Magika", Skopje, 2004. ISBN 9989-905-35-5
  • Pars pro toto: studija za kratkiot film i drugi tekstovi, "Ulis", Skopje, 2008. ISBN 978-9989-2699-4-3
  • Pit Kralsky – an artist of (de-) thronization : selected writings, "TFA AF", Strumica, 2011. ISBN 978-608-4546-04-7
  • Kino neimar, "Makedonska reč", Skopje, 2011. ISBN 978-608-225-040-3[4]
  • Kinestetični narativi, "EFTA", Skopje, 2018. ISBN 978-608-4555-18-6
  • Tezi i askezi, "Feniks", Skopje, 2015. ISBN 978-9989-33693-5

Awards and recognitions (a choice)[edit]

  • "Vojdan Černodrinski" - Prilep, 1992.
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Grand Prix - "Best TV drama fiction film", 2000.
  • Moscow "DetectiveFest: Law and society", Best production, best anti-hero role - Nomination for best film, 2005.
  • "Award for artistic stage expression" - Stobi, 2006.
  • EkoFilm Nowogard, "Best Documentary" - Midzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Ekologicznych, 2006.
  • "Sv. 15 Tiveriopolski sveštenomačenici", Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film and Theatre - Strumica, 2007.
  • Washinghton "Docs in Progress" Finalist, Best short documentary - Nomination for the best film, 2008.
  • "Script Fest", Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film - Skopje, 2013.
  • "Golden Griffon", Best Foreign Film - Love Film Festival - Perugia, 2017.
  • "Best Film in South-East Europe", SEE à Paris, 2017.
  • "Best Balkan Spirit", Balkan Film Food Festival - Pogradec, 2017.
  • "Best Foreign Film", Jagran Film Festival - New Delhi / Mumbai, 2017.
  • "Grand Prize Winner: Best Feature Film", New Jersey Film Festival - USA, 2017.


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