Goran Trenchovski

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Goran Trenchovski
Born (1970-04-24) April 24, 1970 (age 53)
Strumica, Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia
Pen namePit Kralsky
OccupationFilm and theatre director, writer, lecturer, manager, theorist
LanguageMacedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Czech, English
EducationGraduate Director (1992), MA Thesis (2016), PhD Thesis (2021)
Alma materAcademy of Arts - University of Novi Sad, Department of Dramatic Arts, Study programme: Multimedia Directing (1991), Novi Sad, SFR Yugoslavia
GenresContemporary absurd dramatica, Neo-mythic iconography, Docufiction, Short film, Chamber form
Literary movementPostmodernism, Hyperrealism, Poetics of (de-)Thronization, Director's notes
Notable worksFrom Beggar to King, Golden Five, Ghoul Quest, Slavic Orpheus
SpouseSofija Trenchovska

Goran Trenchovski (also spelled as Trenčovski; Горан Тренчовски, b. April 24, 1970 in Strumica) is a Macedonian-born director, writer, artistic leader, founder, lecturer, humanist. He is the current head of AsterFest, and lives in Great Britain.


Born on Good Friday. As a child he has published poems and has loved reading and collecting comic books. As a young adult he began making photographs.[1]

Trenchovski graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with an emphasis in film and theatre directing, in the class of acclaimed prof. Boro Drašković. After decay of SFRJ he became the youngest director on the Balkans known for directing projects on a range of subjects. He directed numerous film and TV projects in different genres as well as stage performances with a number of plays by both classical and modern auteurs. Among the short film subjects he has directed Beggars and Placards, Krecho and Play and Save. His second TV fiction movie, Ghoul Quest acquaints the audience with the fate of an authentic assortment of heroes torn from Balkan iconography, picturesquely sculptured and psychologically represented with all their good and bad sides. He also directed middle-length film projects Slander, Under, and A Step Ahead of Time, series Chubbies, Candidates, Martin from the Stairs, Love and Betrayal, and documentaries I Believe in Macedonia (transferred onto 35mm) and The Spirit of my Father.[2] His multi-awarded cinematic feature film Golden Five is based on true story about unsolved murder of five students in 1951. This film is reviewed by British critics as "a profound and moving film"[3] and as "a mystery thriller of chilling proportions",[4] under "crafty direction encourages us to think".

He lived and researched for one year in Prague, Czech Republic and attended postgraduate studies at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University (Faculty of Philology) in Skopje where he has prepared the master thesis “Cinesthetic stories of Solev and Čingo (adapted into films by Rusomir Bogdanovski)” and completed doctoral studies in the field of literature and film. He defended the doctoral thesis “Intermedial verifications of the novels ‘The Red Horse’ by Tashko Georgievski and ‘The Gentle Barbarian’ by Bohumil Hrabal”.

He directed Sound Imagery, Slavic Orpheus, Infernal Machine, Libretto Wagner, Leonce and Lena, The Spirit of the Can, From the First Breath, Beggar's Opera and Endgame, as well as plays by Aeschylus, Witkacy, Dostoevsky, Ibsen, Andreyev, Havel, Beckett, Ionesco, Pinter, Albee, Adamov and Arrabal. He was engaged as chief of the department for directing in MTV in Skopje. He was a selector at the IX and X edition of the Festival of Chamber Theatre when he paid tribute to Risto Šiškov's film decalogue. He was professor in the University of Audiovisual Arts - European Film Academy, EFTA Skopje-Paris-Essen-Rotterdam. He also established short-lived Seraphin Tanz group and Academic Theatre Laboratory in the spirit of Artaud, Barba, Grotowski, Kantor and Brook investigations.

Trenchovski also has experience as a producer and publisher. He was editor-in-chief of the Trend magazine and editor of the Shine magazine. Since its inception in 2005, he is founder and artistic director at the International Film Festival AsterFest dedicated to auteur-directed short film subject. The festival has gained an international reputation, thanks to Trenchovski's networking as well as his involvement with the Tiberiopolian Film Alliance - Institute for shorts & docs and collaboration with Revolution Production. He has seven books related to the performing arts, cinema and autopoetics written in Macedonian, and a collection of writings in English. He is also editor of the anthology of dramaticules Carnival Sighs (1998), the monograph Steps on the Star Planks (1999), the special Beckett 100 (2006), the reader Director's Notes (2013) and translator of the Jiří Menzel's texts Faith and Doubt (2000). He has also directed radio dramas The Lie and The Executioners.

His directions are screened, staged and awarded on festivals in many European countries, as well as in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, Turkey.

He is a member of the European Film Academy and British Comparative Literature Association.

Participates at events, workshops, symposiums and conferences. Lectures on cinema, drama and intermediality.

He introduces and promotes his “Poetics of (De-)Thronization”.

Works (a choice)[edit]

  • Bullfights (short documentary)
  • Absurd (short fiction)
  • Alter Variations (short fiction)
  • The Lie (short fiction)
  • Timer[5] (short mockumentary)
  • Clochards and Placards (short documentary)
  • Oresteia (TV movie)
  • "Chubbies" (TV series)
  • Strike Woman (TV sequel)
  • Half Century with Thalia (TV movie)
  • Jiří Menzel and Czech Film[6] (documentary portrait)
  • Krecho (docudrama)
  • Taleland (TV children series)
  • Multilevel[7] (TV drama fiction)
  • Ghoul Quest (TV fiction movie released in cinema; premiere 14.2.2002)[8]
  • Sixth Day (short documentary)
  • The Lakeland of Nicola K. (short documentary)
  • Slander (mid-length fiction)
  • Home (short documentary)
  • One Step Ahead of Time (mid-length fiction about the Manaki brothers)
  • Under (mid-length fiction)
  • "Candidates" (TV humoristic series)
  • "Martin from the Stairs" (TV children series)
  • "Vampire Seekers" (TV series)
  • Adieus (short fiction)
  • The President (mid-length documentary)
  • I Believe in Macedonia [9] (documentary feature about Boris Trajkovski)
  • The Spirit of my Father (mid-length documentary about Risto Šiškov)
  • Play and Save[10] (short fiction)
  • Ruby[11] (music video)
  • "Love and Betrayal" (TV series)
  • Golden Five[12] (narrative feature; world premiere London, 29.9.2016)
  • Endgame (tragicomedy, 4.12.1991)
  • Sound Imagery (dramatic polyphony, 25.1.1992)
  • The Water Hen (spherical drama, 21.3.1992)
  • Slavic Orpheus (ritual case, 4.7.1992)
  • Lessons in Crime (comical drama, 9.1.1993)
  • Eumenides (antique tragedy, 16.8.1993)
  • The Turtles from Galapagos (Beckett-like drama, 27.9.1993)
  • Libretto Wagner (journey through the last century, 12.10.1993)
  • Infernal Machine (drama on terrorism, 11.3.1994)
  • Luna Prima[13] (antieurodrama, 24.12.1994)
  • From the First Breath (Beckett-like farc-edy, 4.3.1995)
  • Leonce and Lena (tragicomedy, 8.9.1995)
  • Beggars' Opera (drama, 21.4.1996)
  • Off the Rail (southish grotesque, 7.3.1997)
  • Eleshnik (drama, 1.5.1997)
  • The Story of Philolahes and the Others (adapted attic comedy, 21.6.1997)
  • The Spirit of the Can[14] (tragicomic farce, 27.3.1999)
  • The Zoo Story (absurd drama, 27.8.1999)
  • Macedonian Emigration (drama, 31.3.2000)
  • Tobacco Album (multimedia, 4.4.2001)
  • Endgame MMI (tragicomedy,11.7.2001)
  • Dry Tree from Babylon (Beckett-like drama, 13.5.2005)
  • The Big Python[15] (contemporary drama, 9.1.2006)
  • Home for Birds (drama based on ancient motives, 25.7.2006)
  • Strumica 1918 (multimedia, 9.5.2008)
  • Tiburcio and Sinforosa (dramatic divertissement, 15.4.2009)
  • Carnal Wonder (drama on oppositions, 20.11.2010)
  • End(K)ing[16][17] (Beckett-like drama, 20.7.2010)
  • Once Upon a Time[18] (drama, 13.8.2011)
  • Partále (Beckett-like drama, 29.6.2012)
  • The Cabinet of Prof. Taranna[19][20] (absurd drama, 26.3.2015)
  • John Gabriel Borkman[21] (drama, 2.2.2017)
  • The Idiot[22] (dramatization, 9.12.2017)
  • Pit Kralsky – an Artist of (De-)Thronization: selected writings, "TFA AF", Strumica, 2011. ISBN 978-608-4546-04-7
  • From Beggar to King [Od pitač do kral: režiserski beleški], Združenie na dramski umetnici "Talija", Skopje, 1995. ISBN 9989-9803-0-6
  • Orbis Pictus: makedonskata filmska i TV-režija i drugi tekstovi, "Magor", Skopje, 2001. ISBN 9989-851-49-2
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  • Cinesthetic Narratives [Kinestetični narativi], "EFTA", Skopje, 2018. ISBN 978-608-4555-18-6

Awards and recognitions (a choice)[edit]

Bibliography (a choice)[edit]

Peer-reviewed journal articles and invited book chapters
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Conference presentations
  • Trenchovski, G. (2018) Director's statement for the 'Golden Five' feature film (Režiserska eksplikacija na dolgometražniot igran film 'Zlatna petorka'). Talk presented at the Narrative and Aesthetic Values of the 'Golden Five' film symposium, 10 March 2018, Hotel Gligorov, Strumica, MK.
  • Trenchovski, G. (2017) Literature and film: Past and present. Talk presented at the Literature & Film master class, 3 June 2017, Inalco (L'Inalco est membre fondateur de l'Université Sorbonne Paris Cité), Paris, FR.
  • Trenchovski, G. (2017) The Taško Georgievski i Bohumil Hrabal prose's opportunities to be adapted into drama medium: transmedial attributes, similarities and relations (Možnosti za adaptacii vo dramski mediumi od prozata na Taško Georgievski i Bohumil Hrabal: transmedijalni odliki, sličnosti i relacii). Talk presented at School of Doctoral Studies at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje annual conference, 9 May 2017, "Blaze Koneski" Faculty of Philology, Skopje, MK.
  • Trenchovski, G. (2014) Macedonian documentary context. Talk presented at the Shattered Mirror: The Problem of Identity in the Post-Yugoslav Documentary regional conference, 18 November 2014, Dom kulture "Studentski grad", Belgrade, RS.
  • Trenchovski, G. (2014) The end of Samuel's kingdom in the 'Sunset Over the Lakeland' TV series (Krajot na Samoilovoto carstvo vo serijata 'Zalez nad ezerskata zemja'). Poster presented at the Samuel's State in the Historic, Military-Political, Spiritual and Cultural Tradition of Macedonia symposium, 26 October, Hotel Sirius, Strumica, MK.
  • Trenchovski, G. (2012) Consciousness for the kinoteatar ascension of the Strumica people with the prefixes 1912/1918: in the Stojan Kovačev's researches (Svesta za kinoteatarskoto vozdignuvanje na strumičani so predznakot na 1912/1918: niz istražuvanjata na Stojan Kovačev). Poster presented at the Strumica and the Strumica Region during the Balkan Wars and the Bucharest Peace Treaty symposium, 27 October, Complex "Sveti 15", Strumica, MK.
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