Gordian Warrior

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Gordian the Warrior
Tōshi Gōdian DVD box set 1.jpg
Cover of the first DVD box set
(Tōshi Gōdian)
Anime television series
Directed byShigeru Yanagawa
StudioTatsunoko Production
Original networkTokyo 12 TV
Original run October 7, 1979 February 27, 1981
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Gordian Warrior (闘士ゴーディアン, Tōshi Gōdian) is a Japanese anime television series that aired in 1979 to 1981.[1] There were 73 episodes. It is also referred to as Champion of Gordian or Gardian.[citation needed]

Original Story[edit]

The Earth had become a wasteland of deserts as the survivors work to rebuild communities. Daigo Otaki is a young orphan raised by his uncle. Becoming an adult, Daigo discovers that Victor City was in fact planned by his father who was a genius scientist. Daigo's sister Saori had been managing it. She pleaded with Daigo to take on the inheritance that Daigo's father left him, a super robot system known as Gordian. Daigo would join the Mechacon mechanic combat 18th regiment unit, an organization of law enforcers that defend Victor City against attacks from the Madokuta organization.


The pilot Daigo Otaki controls a small almost human-sized robot container named Protteser. Each time Protteser is in trouble, he jumps into the next biggest robot container named Delinger. Then finally the largest container is Garbin.


Japanese Name Voices by
Daigo Ōtaki Yoshito Yasuhara
Peachy Yō Inoue
Barihawk Rokurō Naya
Dalph Kiyonobu Suzuki
Unknown G Hiroshi Masuoka
Saori Otaki Gara Takashima
Roset Rihoko Yoshida
Dokuma Yasuo Muramatsu
Erias Yoshino Ohtori
Klorias Yūsaku Yara
Anita Kazue Komiya
Trosculus/Narrator Masatō Ibu



The original released toy set comes with all 3 robots and the human pilot. The 3 robots ranking from biggest to smallest, Garbin, Delinger, Protteser were respectively released as GB-11, GB-10, GB-09 by Popy pleasure. Their upper sternum is also numbered 3, 2, 1. Though these numbers do not appear in the cartoon at all. It was sold in the US as "Gardian" under the Godaikin line. Gordian was later reappropriated as Baikanfū in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.

Availability outside Japan[edit]

Anime Sols is currently funding the legal streaming of the show.[2]


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