Gordianus and Epimachus

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Saints Gordianus and Epimachus
Nuremberg chronicles f 132v 4.jpg
Saints Gordianus and Epimachus. Illustration from the Nuremberg Chronicle.
Died 362 AD
Venerated in Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast 10 May

Saints Gordianus and Epimachus (also Gordian) were Roman martyrs, who are commemorated on 10 May.

Gordianus was a Roman judge who converted to Christianity. He was tortured and finally beheaded. His body was laid in a crypt on the Via Latina beside the body of Saint Epimachus, and the two saints gave their name to the cemetery of Gordianus and Epimachus. They are jointly venerated by the Catholic Church[1] with a feast day of 10 May in the Tridentine Calendar.

There are churches dedicated to the saints in:

Relics of both saints were venerated at Kempten Abbey in Bavaria.[2]


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