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Gordon Smith Guitars
IndustryMusical instrument
Founded1974; 49 years ago (1974) in Partington, Greater Manchester
FounderGordon Whitham and John Smith
ProductsElectric guitars
ParentAuden Guitars

Gordon Smith Guitars is a manufacturer of hand-crafted electric guitars. They are the UK's longest-established electric guitar manufacturer[1] and have been called the English equivalent to Gibson on that basis.[2]


The company was founded in 1974 and is named after its founders, Gordon Whitham and John Smith. In April 2015 Gordon Smith Guitars was acquired by British-based Auden Guitars and production moved from Partington near Manchester, England to Audens Guitars' workshop in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire.[3][4]

The company aims to produce quality guitars for working musicians and say that they make "guitars, not furniture".[5]

Gordon Smith Guitars are among the highest-rated manufacturers for use of sustainable woods in guitar construction, according to the Ethical Consumer.[6]


Gordon Smith GSII

The Gordon Smith range includes original designs, such as the Galaxy, as well as S-style, T-style and LP-style models.[7] All models currently use a brass nut.

The company offers many options for customising guitars, including a choice of hardware and finishes, single- or double-cutaway and left- or right-handed guitars. Twelve-string and double-necked versions of the range are also available.

Gordon Smith produce their own pickups in-house.[8][9]

Their humbucker pickups are coil-tapped as standard to give players access to a broader palette of sounds.


Guitarist magazine reviewed the Gordon Smith GS1000 and gave it their Gold award.[10]


The company does not offer celebrity endorsements. Guitarists known to have used Gordon Smith guitars include:


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