Gordon Behind Bars

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Gordon Behind Bars
Directed byHelen Simpson
StarringGordon Ramsay
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes4
Executive producer(s)Tim Whitwell,
Sue Murphy
Producer(s)Jaemie Gallie,
Vari Innes
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)One Potato Two Potato
(An all3media Company)
Original networkChannel 4
Original release26 June – 17 July 2012

Gordon Behind Bars is a British television series in which Gordon Ramsay teaches inmates of Brixton prison, just about five minutes from Ramsay's residence, how to cook.[1] It was broadcast in four episodes from 26 June – 17 July 2012 on Channel 4.


Ramsay, a Michelin Star Chef in the UK, enters Brixton prison over a six-month period (December 2011 to June 2012) with the goal of teaching inmates how to cook and run a sustainable business selling goods prepared inside the prison to the general public.

Bad Boys' Bakery[edit]

After some training from Ramsay, the inmate chefs of Brixton prison are formed into a business dubbed "Bad Boys' Bakery", under the slogan "Life Changing Taste", selling a Ramsay version of a lemon treacle tart (later changed to a lemon treacle slice). Eventually, Ramsay was able to negotiate an agreement for a trial order of 100 bars (per location) to be sold in 11 Caffè Nero locations across South London. As of June 2013, the bars remain available at 11 cafes near the prison.[2]

The chefs[edit]

Of the twelve chefs originally chosen to take part, five had left the program by the end of the series. In the fourth episode, five additional inmates were recruited to replace them, and five more were recruited after Ramsay had left.

Original twelve chefs[edit]

Inmate Chef Conviction Sentence Location Notes
Laurence Gibbons Actual Bodily Harm 18 Months Ramsay asked him to leave the program after a confrontation with fellow chef Rene Smith
Jerome Samuels Burglary,
Actual Bodily Harm
16 Months A Wing Pulled off the program after he was charged with verbally abusing a female officer, was later transferred to a max security prison in Wayland, Norfolk.
Rene Smith Burglary 4 Years A Wing Ramsay asked him to leave the program after a confrontation with Ramsay's assistant Gee
Andrew Insley Burglary 15 Months A Wing Released and acquired a job at London restaurant Roast
Anthony Kelly Commercial Burglary, Dangerous Driving 30 Months G Wing Released and works for the St Giles Trust which works with ex-offenders to help rehabilitate them, he also becomes a stage-actor-trainee[3] Was arrested in a botched robbery in 2014[4]
Paul Wyatt Burglary 8 Months A Wing Released and given a successful tryout at Ramsay's Savoy restaurant, but was revealed to have lost the job due to a relapse into drugs
Tesfa Jones Robbery, Attempted Burglary 3 Years G Wing Released and given a successful tryout at Ramsay's Savoy restaurant
Daniel Guwaza Theft 9 Months A Wing
Adonis McQuitta Possession Of A Firearm , Cartridges Without A Licence 4 Years G Wing Released
Hassan Nour Burglary 30 Months A Wing
David Jones Burglary 40 Months A Wing
Inmate Chef #12
The face of one of the original 12 chefs was obscured throughout the run of the series and no details were given about him on screen. Ramsay referred to him as "B".

UK ratings[edit]

Airdate Channel Share Viewers
1 26 June 2012 Channel 4 & Channel 4 +1 13% 3,000,000[5]
2 3 July 2012 Channel 4 & Channel 4 +1 10.9% (Channel 4) – 2.3% (Channel 4 +1) 2,891,000[6]
3 10 July 2012 Channel 4 & Channel 4 +1 2,365,000
4 17 July 2012 Channel 4 & Channel 4 +1 2,158,000

Safety issues[edit]

During filming of the programme, there were incidents where fights would break out. Ramsay has stated "I was standing close by one bloke with another opposite me, and then this guy lunged over and went to headbutt him. I had to sort it out.". Ramsay's wife was also concerned about his safety and instructed him to take self-defense classes.[7]

US version[edit]

Ramsay personally pitched the idea of an American version to Kevin Reilly at Fox Broadcasting; however, Reilly declined, saying "We have a lot of Gordon on the air right now."[8]


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