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Gordon Bell (born 24 July 1969) is a Scottish singer-songwriter based in Basel, Switzerland.


He is prolific having released ten albums in as many years. Eight of those albums were under the pseudonym Gustav Bertha. His breakthrough fifth album My Life as a Dog (distributed in Switzerland through RecRec) was well received: Swiss newspaper Der Bund called it 'Wunderbar',.[1] The Swiss press has also dubbed him with the slightly more ambiguous title, "The World's least-known Scot".[2] He stopped working under the Gustav Bertha pseudonym in 2008 to write and play as Gordon Bell. Bell's music could be compared to a strange cross between fellow Glaswegians Ivor Cutler and Alex Harvey.[citation needed] He has a penchant for storytelling in his songs. He plays live with Kat Kunz on bass and Professor Ray Gunn on drums as Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships. He is also lead singer with a tribute to The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and also fronts the rock covers band Giant Stone Eater.


with One in Five

  • Five Flew Over the Hatchery (1991)

with Psychoannie

  • Amoeba (1993)

as plasticpsychobabble

  • StranGe enchantment (1999)
  • submerging meadows green boundaries (2000)
  • blurred visions for fuzzy strangers (2000)

with The Secret Life of Andrew Aston

  • Caffeine Injunction (2000)

as Gustav Bertha

  • Songs for Gigi (2001)
  • The Hose Room (2002)
  • Café Crème (2002)
  • babble (2003)
  • My Life as a Dog (2004)
  • Defective (2005)
  • z:06 (2006 - compilation)
  • small adventures in the great domestic wilderness (2007)
  • True North (2008)

as Gordon Bell

  • Songs for the Broken Hearted (2009)
  • The Lost Art of Penance (2010)
  • "The 12 Uses of a Dead Tape Cassette" (2011)
  • "A Day Trip to the Sea" (2012)

as Gordon Bell and the Sinking Ships

  • "Animal Kingdom" EP (2011)


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