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This article is about the college in Pakistan. For other similarly named institutions, see Gordon College.
Gordon College
Gordon College Logo.jpg
Established 1893
Location Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Homepage http://gordonians.org/

Gordon College Rawalpindi is a college in Rawalpindi, Pakistan that was established as a school in 1893.[1]

The college year is made up of an annual system: examination are held once every year. Enrollment at Gordon College is in thousands of students, with around hundreds living on campus. The campus has many buildings, which includes a large stadium (used for hockey, football and cricket), basketball court, tennis courts, and badminton court. The college has a large and historic auditorium.


The history of Gordon College can be traced to 1856 when Christian Grammar High School was established in Raja Bazar near the present campus. The college chapter of the school was opened in 1893 with 14 students as class I. There were six subjects offered at intermediate college: History, Philosophy, Mathematics, English, Persian and Sanskrit.

At the time it was built after partition, it was outside the city area; with increasing population, the college is now surrounded by commercial and official buildings. It is a mix of old and new style buildings and has lost some of its academic acclaim in the years since it became a state institution. Originally, it was founded as a private, Christian-affiliated institution.

It has a long history and one professor and principal who best represents that history: Dr Ralph Randles Stewart joined the Gordon College, Rawalpindi in 1911 to teach elementary Botany and Zoology to pre-medical students. He served as professor in Botany (1917–1960) and principal of the college from 1934 to 1954.

A Personal Video made by the students of 2010-12 batch is also there. www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyh9Y6J5DP8


Gordon College is one of the oldest academic institutions in Pakistan. It offers education services starting from initial college level studies (11th grade in Pakistan) to the master's degree level.

Degrees are offered in the Sciences and Humanities. Three level of degrees are offered:

  • Intermediate (11th and 12th grades, leading to F.Sc and F.A)
  • Bachelor (Gordon College has the honor that it is the only public sector or government college in the upper Punjab Potohar region to offer a four-year BS program. The college offers BS in Mathematics,Information Technology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Political Science, Psychology, Statistics and English.)
  • Master's (Currently, Masters in English, Psychology and Political Science is offered.)

Computer Science Education and diploma courses are also offered.

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