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Gordon Paul Scruton (born March 8, 1947) was the Bishop of Western Massachusetts.

Early life, education and career[edit]

Scruton was born in 1947 in Rochester, New Hampshire.[1] According to his official biography he received a master's degree in English, magna cum laude, from Barrington College, then studied at the Boston University School of Theology, receiving a master's degree in theology in 1971. Scruton married Rebecca S. Polley in 1968.[1] He was ordained a deacon in 1971, a priest in 1972,[2] and served as an assistant rector at St. Mark's Church in Riverside, Rhode Island and at St. Paul's Church in Kingston, Rhode Island in the mid-1970s.[1] Scruton was rector of Grace Church in Dalton, Massachusetts from 1977 to 1981, and St. Francis Church in Holden, Massachusetts thereafter.[1]

Bishop of Western Massachusetts[edit]

Scruton was elected the eighth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts on June 29, 1996.[1] He was consecrated bishop on October 12, 1996 in Springfield, Massachusetts.[1][2] He was consecrated by the following current or retired bishops: Alexander Stewart, Andrew Wissemann, M. Thomas Shaw, Barbara Clementine Harris, and Emmanuel Kolini (Bishop of the Diocese of Shaba in Zaire).[1] Former Presiding Bishop Edmond Lee Browning was also a consecrator.[2]

Likewise, Scruton was a co-consecrator of George Edward Councell as Eleventh Bishop of New Jersey.[3][4]

He has been very active in the House of Bishops since 2001.[5] Scruton has been on the Court for the Trial of a Bishop.[6][7][8] He has acted as a mediator in the dispute between the Bishop of Connecticut and some priests in that state in 2007.[9] In 2009, he also served on a committee to assist the Diocese of Southern Virginia in their internal conflicts.[10] He retired on December 1, 2012.[11]


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