Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Moore Foundation Logo
Founded 2000
Founder Gordon E. Moore and Betty I. Moore
Focus Environmental conservation
Patient Care
San Francisco Bay Area
Method Grants
Key people
Harvey V. Fineberg, President
$315 million (annual, 2016)
Endowment $6.4 billion
Website moore.org

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is an American foundation established by Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore and his wife Betty I. Moore in September 2000[1] to support path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation, patient care improvements and preservation of the special character of the Bay Area. The private foundation focuses on creating positive outcomes for future generations to make a large, lasting and measurable difference.[2]

As outlined in the Statement of Founder's Intent,[3] the foundation's mission is to tackle large, important issues at a scale where it can achieve significant and measurable impacts. The foundation has four program areas of grantmaking:

Environmental Conservation: balancing long-term conservation with sustainable use to protect critical ecosystems. Establishing models for collaboration that can be replicated around the globe, and seeking to create lasting change in how land, freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems are managed.

Science: advancing basic science through developing new technologies, supporting imaginative research scientists and creating new collaborations at the frontiers of traditional scientific disciplines.

Patient Care: improving the experience and outcomes of patient care.

San Francisco Bay Area: fostering, preserving and enhancing the special character of the Bay Area, where the foundation can make difference consistent with the founders' values.

Within these program areas, four "filters" are used to determine whether the foundation should award a grant: whether the project is important; whether the foundation can make a difference; whether it is measurable; and whether it contributes to a "portfolio effect," increasing impact and reducing risks.[4]

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