Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Moore Foundation Logo
Founded 2000
Founder Gordon E. Moore and Betty I. Moore
Focus Environmental conservation
Patient Care
San Francisco Bay Area
Method Grants
Key people
Harvey V. Fineberg, President
$26 million
Endowment $5.8 billion
Slogan Bold Ideas, Enduring Impact
Website moore.org

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is an American foundation that seeks to develop outcome-based projects that will improve the quality of life for future generations. The private foundation focuses upon portfolios of large-scale initiatives and encourages collaboration so as to achieve the most significant and enduring outcomes possible. The foundation was established by Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore and his wife Betty I. Moore in September 2000.[1]

Funding is concentrated on: environmental conservation, patient care, science and the San Francisco Bay Area. Within these program areas, distinct initiatives—grounded in a "theory of change" (a rationale for selecting strategies and activities and a detailed explanation of how they yield positive transformations)—employ a portfolio of grants expected to help achieve large-scale outcomes in a set time frame. The Foundation also awards some grants for unique and opportunistic projects within its focus areas when the expected outcome is high-impact, long-term, and measurable.

On 29 July 2007, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation committed $100 million to launch a nursing school at the University of California, Davis.

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