Gore Beyond Necropsy

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Gore Beyond Necropsy
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Genres Goregrind
Noise rock
Years active 1989—2005 (changed name since then)
Labels Relapse Records
HG Fact
Prolapse Records
Associated acts Merzbow
Members Mamoru(vocal)

Gore Beyond Necropsy (GBN) was the name of a musical group formed in 1989 in Hadano city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. The group have had a prolific output of releases. They play a hybrid style of chaotic grindcore/noisegrind which they refer to as "Analdrillinggrind Harshit Core!!".[1]

In 1997, Gore Beyond Necropsy undertook their first tour outside Japan when they toured Australia with Victoria's Warsore and returned the compliment by arranging Japanese dates for Warsore and issuing a split 7" single through Sterilized Decay Records. As well as doing numerous split releases, they have also collaborated with Japanese noise artist Merzbow. Their shared album Rectal Anarchy release by Relapse Records was far from subtle; the album cover was graced by an enlarged anus and the songs were warped cover versions revolving around the theme of scat.

In 2005, the band changed its name to Noise A-Go-go's


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