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Also known as Infamy [1986–88]
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
United States
Genres Death metal
Years active 1988–present
Labels Seraphic Decay, Relapse,
Necroharmonic, Ibex Moon,
Dark Descent
Associated acts Incantation

Goreaphobia, formed in 1988, is the first death metal band from Philadelphia and one of the first to emerge from the east coast scene.[1] They never released a full-length record until after breaking up and reforming, only a demo cassette and 2 7" EP's.[2] Due to this fact, and their influence on later bands,[3] Goreaphobia has reached a cult status in the underground, with demand for their merchandise still very high. The band played many shows in the early 1990s, and toured with Immolation on their 1992 "tour of possession".

After Goreaphobia's breakup, drummer Craig Smilowski joined Immolation, and Chris Gamble went on to form Blood Storm. Guitarist Alex Bouks joined Incantation.

The band re-united after 15 years of separation in 2007. After reforming they released their debut release "Mortal Repulsion" in 2009.[4]


  • Chris Gamble - Bass / Vocals (Blood Storm,Absu)
  • Alex Bouks - Guitar (Immolation,Incantation,Master)
  • Jim Roe - Drums(Incantation)

Former members[edit]




  • Jay Lawrence
  • Gary Gahndi
  • Julian Lawrence



  • Morbidious Pathology (1990) (demo tape - self released)
  • Morbidious Pathology (1990) (7" EP on Seraphic Decay Records)
  • Omen of Masochism (1992) (7" EP on Relapse Records)
  • Vile Beast of Abomination (2006) (Necroharmonic)
  • Mortal Repulsion (2009) (Ibex Moon)[5]
  • Apocalyptic Necromancy (2011)[6]


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