Gorewada Lake

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Gorewada Lake
Location Nagpur, Maharashtra
Coordinates 21°11′50″N 79°2′15″E / 21.19722°N 79.03750°E / 21.19722; 79.03750Coordinates: 21°11′50″N 79°2′15″E / 21.19722°N 79.03750°E / 21.19722; 79.03750
Type freshwater
Primary outflows Pili river
Basin countries India
Settlements Nagpur

Gorewada Lake is situated on the north-west corner of Nagpur city. It is created with a dam 2,350 feet long.[1]

In 1912, Gorewada lake was developed by the water works department as the primary drinking water source for Nagpur's 1.01 lakh population.[2] Bordered by thick forest, Gorewada lake and its surrounding is the habitat for avian species and some wild life.


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