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Gorges de Daluis

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Gorges de Daluis

The Gorges de Daluis is a six-kilometer-long canyon formed by the river Var in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France. It runs south from Guillaumes to Daluis.



The canyon starts off at Guillaumes, running north to south, west of the Dôme de Barrot [fr], and ends at the small commune of Daluis, where the Var widens. The 6-kilometer-long gorge[1] is cut in the red rock (sandstone colored by iron oxide, 260 million years old)[2] by the river Var. Notable views along the gorge (a touristic high point[2] and one of a number of "long, lonely canyons" in the area)[3] include the final waterfall of the Clue d'Amen.[4]

Geology and history

Geological overview of the area; Dôme de Barrot in center, Gorges de Daluis on right.

The area is dominated by the Dôme de Barrot, 2136 meters high,[2] dating from the Permian.[5] Former copper mining operations in the Dôme are still visible from the gorge,[6][7] and unique mineral specimens have been found there.[8]

During the Beuil-Guillaumes insurrection of July–August 1944, the Pont de Berthéou was one of two bridges blown up by the French resistance in July 1944 (the Pont du Pra d'Astier on 7 July, the Pont de Berthéou the following day) in an attempt to halt German troops advancing toward Guillaumes.[9]

Environment and tourism

Looking north from the Var valley into the gorge.

South from Guillaumes, the D902/D2202 runs on the west side of the gorge, with the southbound lane going through 17 tunnels.[10] The (now defunct) Alpes-Maritimes railroad line from Pont-de-Gueydan to Guillaumes, inaugurated in 1923, runs east from Guillaumes and crosses the gorge at the Pont de la Mariée, spanning 58 meters. Bungee jumping is done from the 80-meter-high bridge.[2][10] Other notable sights include the Tête de la Femme, a rock formation resembling a woman's head on the west side of the road, just north of the Pont de Berthéou,[2] and the gorge is a popular destination for rafting[11] and canoeing.[12] The road along the gorge lends itself to motorcycle[13] and bicycle tourism.[14]



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