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Worth's house in Cincinnati

Gorham A. Worth (1783 – April 3, 1856) was a president of City National Bank.

Worth was born in Hudson, New York. His father Thomas Worth had been among the founders of the community. It is a common mistake, repeated here and there, that his brother was General William Jenkins Worth; William Jenkins Worth was his cousin.[1]

He was a clerk of the Bank of Hudson, a cashier of the Mechanics and Farmers Bank of Albany, cashier of the United States Branch Bank in Cincinnati, Ohio. He moved to New York as a cashier of Tradesman Bank and then to City National in 1825 and was named president in 1844.[2]

His home in Cincinnati is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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Business positions
Preceded by
Thomas Bloodgood
President of City National Bank
Succeeded by
Moses Taylor