Dolna Gorica

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Dolna Gorica
Dolna Gorica is located in Albania
Dolna Gorica
Dolna Gorica
Coordinates: 40°52′37.92″N 20°55′30″E / 40.8772000°N 20.92500°E / 40.8772000; 20.92500Coordinates: 40°52′37.92″N 20°55′30″E / 40.8772000°N 20.92500°E / 40.8772000; 20.92500
Country  Albania
County Korçë
Municipality(s) Pustec
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Dolna Gorica (Macedonian: Долна Горица), formerly Goricë e Vogël, is a village on the western shore of Lake Prespa in the Pustec Municipality of the Korçë County in Albania.[1]


A survey in the late 19th century found Dolna Gorica to consist of 75 houses and 67 male Bulgarian Orthodox residents.[2]

In February 1996, the village hosted a conference attended by officials from the Republic of Macedonia on the subject of the ethnic Macedonian minority in Albania.[3] In 2013, the village's official name was changed from "Goricë e Vogël" to "Dolna Gorica".[4]


A 2007 estimate put the village's population at 550.[5]

Year Population
1900 42
1926 511 (with Gorna Gorica)
1945 149
1960 108
1969 210
1979 271
1989 253
2000 364[6]


In 2002, a library opened in the village consisting of primarily Macedonian-language books.[7]

A monument commemorating the ethnic Macedonian refugees of the Greek Civil War was unveiled in the village in May, 2013.[8]

Dolna Gorica is home to the annual "Day of Wine" event, occurring each December.[9]

People from Dolna Gorica[edit]


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