Gorm Field

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Gorm Field is located in North Sea
Gorm Field
Location of Gorm
Country Denmark
Region North Sea


Offshore/onshore Offshore
Coordinates 55°34′N 4°47′E / 55.567°N 4.783°E / 55.567; 4.783Coordinates: 55°34′N 4°47′E / 55.567°N 4.783°E / 55.567; 4.783
Operator Maersk Oil
Field history
Discovery 1971
Start of production 1981
Producing formations Danian and Upper Cretaceous chalk

Gorm is a natural gas and oilfield in the Danish Sector of North Sea that was discovered in 1971. It is the largest oilfield exploited by Denmark.[1] The field consists of five platforms[2] and is operated by Maersk Oil. The facilities include two wellhead platforms and several processing platforms. About 400 barrels per day (64 m3/d) of crude oil from the nearby Rolf oil field are processed on the Gorm platforms.[3]

An oil leak occurred in the field on 2 March 2011. [4][3]


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