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Gorman Park also known as "Crackhead" Park by the locals is a small public park in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. It is bounded by Broadway on the west and Wadsworth Terrace on the east and stretches from 188th to 190th Streets. The land rises more than a hundred feet in a steep incline from Broadway to Wadsworth. The park features a path that winds upward among trees. In 2011 it became the focus of a local zoning and land use dispute when Quadriad Realty Partners proposed to build new residential towers taller than the by-right zoning rules permit on a vacant lot adjacent to the park in exchange for adding land to the park and thoroughly renovating it.[1]


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Coordinates: 40°51′21″N 73°55′57″W / 40.85583°N 73.93250°W / 40.85583; -73.93250