Gornja Jošanica massacre

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Gornja Jošanica massacre
Part of Bosnian War
LocationFoča, Bosnia and Herzegovina
DateDecember 19, 1992 (1992-12-19)
TargetSerbian civilians
Deaths56 (21 women, three children)
PerpetratorsArmy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Gornja Jošanica massacre occurred in village Gornja Jošanica, near Foča in eastern Bosnia, where 56 Serbian civilians were killed during an attack by the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH) from 19 December 1992, on St. Nicolas Day.[1]

On 19 December 1992, muslim soldiers attacked the village of Gornja Jošanica.[1] About 600 members of the so-called BiH Army took part in the attack, in ten groups deployed to ten other Josanica hamlets, which were wiped out.[1]

Twenty-one women were killed in cold blood, and three children, ten-year-old Dragana Visnjic, her three year younger baby brother Drazen and two-year-old Danka Tanovic.[1]

Witnesses to the tragedy claimed that Zaim Imamović, the Bosnian commander was responsible for the 56 deaths in addition to burning 250 houses, an Orthodox church, and a cemetery.[1]


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