Gornji Kneginec

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Gornji Kneginec
Gornji Kneginec is located in Croatia
Gornji Kneginec
Location of Gornji Kneginec in Croatia
County Varaždin
Latitude 46.25°N
Longitude 16.37°E
Mayor Goran Kaniški (HDZ)
Surface(km²) 22,5
5,259 (municipality)
Time zone (UTC) UTC+1 Central European Time

Gornji Kneginec is a village and municipality in Croatia in the Varaždin county. According to the 2001 census, there are 5,259 inhabitants, absolute majority which are Croats.

Flag of Municipality of Gornji Kneginec

The municipality is home to a monument to Croatian soldiers killed by Yugoslav Partisans in World War II and it aftermath.[1]


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Coordinates: 46°15′0″N 16°22′12″E / 46.25000°N 16.37000°E / 46.25000; 16.37000