Gort na Móna Secondary School

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Coordinates: 54°35′37″N 5°59′37″W / 54.59355°N 5.99362°W / 54.59355; -5.99362

Gort Na Móna Secondary School
Gort na Mona School Crest.jpg

BT12 7QP

Religious affiliation(s)Roman Catholic
FounderBr. D.M. O'Connell
School number123/0179/12
GenderMale only
Age range11-16
Colour(s)Maroon, Sky Blue and Saffron               
SportsGaelic football and handball, hurling

Gort na Móna Secondary School was a Roman Catholic school in Belfast, Northern Ireland for pupils aged 11–16. It opened in September 1971 with 120 pupils.[1] In 1988, the school amalgamated with St Thomas's Secondary School, St Peter's Secondary School and St Paul's Secondary School to become Corpus Christi College, Belfast.[2] The first school premises were located at the current Gort na Móna GAC site in Turf Lodge and consisted of a series of wooden huts while construction of the main building took place.

The new purpose-built buildings were opened in 1973, on a green field site with space for sports pitches and playing fields. Three open-air handball courts were added to the side of the building at the Dermott Hill entrance. The school continued to expand and in 1980 there were 36 teachers and 550 pupils.[3] One building housed the classrooms where Science, Irish language, Maths, Geography, Religion, English, Music, Art, Technology and Design were taught. The Sports Halls was located in the other building. Today the buildings are now used by St Gerard's Education Centre.


The uniform policy consisted of a black blazer, grey shirt, grey jumper, maroon tie with thin saffron line, black trousers and black shoes; however, this policy was lightly enforced by staff and after pupils entered their second year they could wear almost any attire except jeans.[4]


Handball Courts

As a school run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers it had strong Gaelic Athletic Association ties. Gaelic football, handball and hurling were encouraged and developed, leaving a legacy in the surrounding housing estates of Dermott Hill, New Barnsley and Turf Lodge.

Brother T.F. Moroney was responsible for the development for the teams and choose the dominant maroon colour of Galway GAA as well as sky blue and saffron for the school team colours. Funding for the school kits and hurly sticks came from profits gained from the school tuck shop. Moroney later helped found Gort na Móna GAC in 1974.[5]


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