Gory Blister

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Gory Blister
OriginMilan, Italy
GenresTechnical death metal
Years active1991–present
LabelsSliptrick Records
Joe Laviola
John St John
Past membersDome
Michele Brustia
Daniel Botti
Bruce Teah
Adry Bellant

Gory Blister is a technical death metal band from Milan, Italy, formed in 1991. Their lyrical themes range from psychology to modern literature/poetry and outer space.


The band was formed in 1991 and after two demos, "Spoilt By Greed" in 1991 and "Hanging Down the Sounds" in 1993, they released their first EP, Cognitive Sinergy[1] in 1997.[2] In 1999, they self-released, Art Bleeds.[1] By 2004, the line-up consisted of the vocalist Adry Bellant, drummer Joe Laviola, bass guitarist Fredrick and guitarist Raff. In October 2004, the band was requested by AreaDeath Productions to donate their cover version of "1000 Eyes" to a Chinese Death tribute album Unforgotten Past – A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. In January 2005, they signed to Mascot Records of Holland. In early 2006, Skymorphosis, was released by Mascot Records and in January 2007, Bellant left the band and was replaced by Clode. In February, they toured with Amoral in Italy.[2] Their third[when?] album, Graveyard of Angels, with the vocalist Domenico Roviello, [3] was released on April 6, 2009, by Mascot Records.[2] After touring Italy to promote the Graveyard album, Gory Blister began writing new songs. Guitarist / vocalist Karl Sanders from U.S. death metal band Nile joined the band to sing as a guest vocalist on two tracks for this fourth album. In April 2012 Gory Blister released via BeckerTeam Records, a division of Scarlet Records, their fourth album titled Earth-Sick, with a new singer named John. The new work contains 10 new songs of pure, and technical, brutal, death metal. The band played several gigs in Italy to promote Earth-Sick as headliner and supporting acts like Entombed, Sinister, Obituary. The band has just released the fifth album of their metal career; The Fifth Fury.

The Fifth Fury track list:

  1. Psycho Crave
  2. Thresholds
  3. Toxamine
  4. Devouring me
  5. The Fifth Fury
  6. Prometheus Scars
  7. In the mass grave
  8. The grey machinery – bonus
  9. Heretic Infected Orchestra.

Raff Sangiorgio is an Italian heavy metal guitarist, best known for being the co-founder of Gory Blister, for which he released six albums worldwide distributed.


  • The Fifth Fury (Sliptrick Records); full-length – 2014
  • Earth-Sick (Scarlet/Bekerteam Records); full-Length – 2012
  • Graveyard of Angels (Mascot Records); full-length – 2009
  • Skymorphosis (Mascot Records); full-length – 2006
  • Art Bleeds (Sekhmet Records); full-length – 2002
  • Cognitive Sinergy (Nosferatu Records); EP – 1997

Raff Sangiorgio played and shared the stage with some of the main bands in the scene as, Sebastian Back, Virgin Steele, Testament, Nile, Nevermore, Sadus, Darkane, Entombed, Sinister, Obituary, Gorfest, Severe Torture etc.

In 2015 Raff Sangiorgio launched a one-man band project focused on instrumental guitar songs, in modern metal-rock style, with bluesy influences. The new album will be released in the 2016.[needs update]


Studio albums[edit]

Album Title Details
Art Bleeds
  • Released: 1999
  • Chart Positions:
  • U.S. Sales:
  • Label(s): Self-released
  • Singles: "Anticlimax"
  • Released: 2006
  • Chart Positions:
  • U.S. Sales:
  • Label(s): Mascot Records
  • Singles: "Asteroid"
Graveyard of Angels
  • Released: 2009
  • Chart Positions:
  • U.S. Sales:
  • Label(s): Mascot Records
  • Singles:
  • Released: 2012
  • Chart Positions:
  • U.S. Sales:
  • Label(s): Bakerteam Records[4]
  • Singles:
The Fifth Fury
  • Released: 2014
  • Chart Positions:
  • U.S. Sales:
  • Label(s): Sliptrick Records[5]
  • Singles:

Other releases[edit]

Spoilt By Greed (demo, 1991)

Hanging Down the Sounds (demo, 1993)

Cognitive Sinergy (EP, 1997)

Band members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Dome – vocals
  • Clode – vocals
  • Daniel Botti (Node) – vocals
  • Bruce Teah – bass guitar
  • Fredrick – bass guitar
  • SyM – bass guitar
  • Chris – bass guitar
  • Adry Bellant (ex-Stygian, Darkness Thy Counts) – vocals


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