Goseong County, South Gyeongsang

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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Goseong-gun
 • McCune-Reischauer Kosŏng-gun
Official logo of Goseong
Emblem of Goseong
Location in South Korea
Location in South Korea
Country  South Korea
Region Yeongnam
Administrative divisions 1 eup, 13 myeon
 • Total 516.9 km2 (199.6 sq mi)
Population (December 2008)
 • Total 55,950
 • Density 116.8/km2 (303/sq mi)
 • Dialect Gyeongsang

Goseong County (Goseong-gun) is a county in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea and is popularly known as the land of dinosaurs.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Goseong-gun is divided into 1 eup and 13 myeon.


Goseong-gun is located at the southern end of central Gyeongnam. It was the capital of Sogaya, an ancient kingdom of advanced culture.[1] It is endowed with natural tourism resources of beautiful mountains, ocean, and fields.

It is adjacent to Geoje, Sacheon, Tongyeong, Masan, and Jinju. It is also linked to the Daejeon-Tongyeong Expressway, National Roads No. 14 and No. 33. [2]


Its location is quite southern, which makes the climate mild and warm all year around. That is, Goseong is classified as an oceanic climate. The southeast wind blows during the summer and the northwest wind, which is the seasonal wind, blows during the winter.


Goseong was the center of the Gaya kingdom during ancient years. Goseong county held an annual "Sogaya festival" reemerging marching of ancient people with legends.

Additionally, events also deal with General Yi Sun-sin who beat Japanese invaders at Danghangpo which is near port of Goseong.[3]

Between 1 April and 12 June 2016, the county will host the Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo (see 'Fossil sites' below for more info).


Goseong was designated as a cluster for shipbuilding, including development with its neighbor, Geoje area.

In July 2007, the Ministry of Finance and Economy confirmed the establishment of the complex after securing the land. The construction is scheduled to begin in April 2008. [4]

Fossil sites[edit]

Goseong is known for, among other things, its fossilized dinosaur footprints. The county will host the Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo in 2016 for 73 days, between 1 April and 12 June, at Danghangpo Tourist Site and Sangjogam County Park. Goseong county participated in the International dinosaur festival of Zigong, Sichuan Province of China which is a sister city.

The whole area was on the way of propelling registration of UNESCO natural heritages with other southern coast-lying regions. Fossil sites on the southern coast of Korea are the largest scale in Asia.[5]


To get around Goseong, you can take local buses which depart from Goseong Intercity Bus Terminal and other bus stops around town. If you're looking to travel outside of Goseong, intercity buses depart from Goseong Intercity Bus Terminal. Local and out-of-county bus schedules (in English) can be found on the county's official website[6] but beware, use only as a rough guide as it hasn't been updated in a while. A more updated bus schedule, as at January 2016, can be found here.

Taxis in Goseong start with base fare of 3,800 won. A 25-30 minute ride can cost about 30,000 won (2016).

Tourist attractions[edit]

Agricultural and Marine Products[edit]

  • Agricultural products: Dinosaur land rice, green pumpkin, hot pepper, sweet persimmon, pumpkin, chinamul, mushroom, cherry tomato, Goseong persimmon, strawberry
  • Marine products: anchovy, Goseong Gaetjangeo (hamo) Hoe - raw fish, giant prawn, oyster.

Notable people[edit]

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