Gosi village in Korea

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In Korea, Seoul, Gwanak-gu Sillim-dong

A distinguishing mark of the region[edit]

In the Gosi village, many Korean students who are in 20's or in 30's are preparing their examinations which used to be called as "Gosi".

In the Gosi category, there are the bar exam, the government administrated exam to select high ranking civil officials and diplomats. The competition of the 'Gosi' has been very strong in Korea, so many students concentrated their exams for several years. Against this back drop, the 'Gosi' villaged had been made for students' convenience and commercial profits.


The facilities for the students are private established reading rooms (around from 100000 won to 150000 won each month), one room apartments or Gosiwon, which is a small room for students, and private academies.