Gossamer (novel)

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Author Lois Lowry
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 154 pages (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-618-68550-9
OCLC 62290452
LC Class PZ7.L9673 Gos 2006

Gossamer (2006) is a novel with elements of both fantasy and realism for young adults by Lois Lowry.

Plot summary[edit]

Gossamer is a novel by Lois Lowry. It is about a boy named John. There are creatures, the Bestowers and the Sinisteeds. Bestowers help people by giving them nice and happy dreams. But the Sinisteeds give bad and nasty nightmares. There is one Bestower that is unique. That bestower is Littlest. She wants to bestow John because he gets abused but Thin elderly ( Another Bestower ) thinks that she is not ready yet.

   John is a little boy. But he is not happy because he gets abused by his father. He goes and stays with his mom . The Bestowers try to help him . After, the Sinisteeds came and tried to give John a nightmare. John gets affected from that nasty nightmare. Littlest almost begs to help John. She wants to prove that she is ready to bestow. She truly cares about John and helping him. Littlest has a Gossamer touch like Thin Elderly said (Gossamer means very light, thin, and insubstantial or delicate). She even could touch John’s dog without waking it. If you were wondering , no all bestowers don’t have a gossamer touch.

By: Elena M. Mathew and Rocky Mathew


Littlest One/Gossamer: Littlest is the name of the young dream-giver at the beginning of the book. She is quite carefree, and is curious about everything. She gains the name Gossamer for her gossamer touch.

The Old Woman : The old woman is an unnamed elderly woman that lives a lonely life with her dog, Toby. She decides to foster a young girl but gets a young boy named John instead. The old woman is less lonely when she is given good dreams.

John: John is the young boy that Littlest and Thin Elderly receive as their assignment. He and his mother were both verbally, and physically abused by John's father, Duane. John is eight years old.

John's Mother: John's mother is not explicitly named in the book. She was an intelligent woman, but was forbidden to participate in social and intellectual events by Duane. After her divorce, she becomes a secretary at John's school.

Thin Elderly: Thin Elderly is the dream-giver that is Littlest/Gossamer's instructor. He is quite experienced, and patiently answers Littlest's questions without taking offense. He takes care in his dream-giving, and is quite happy with it.

Most Ancient: Most Ancient is the eldest dream-giver of Gossamer's Heap. He is wise in many ways, and advises the dream-givers in many aspects of life.

Strapping: Strapping is a young dream-giver from a different Heap. He was careless in his dream-giving; however, after he was assigned to John's mother as punishment, he becomes more affectionate and caring.

Fastidious: Fastidious is another dream-giver of the Heap. She is extremely irritable,grouchy,and impatient; hence her name Fastidious. She was introduced as Littlest's mentor, but gave the task thereof to Thin Elderly, an older dream-giver who volunteered for the job in Fastidious place.

Publication details[edit]

  • 2006, USA, Walter Lorriane Books (ISBN 978-0-618-68550-9), pub date ? ? 2006, hardback (First edition)

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