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Gossip Cop
Gossip Cop logo.jpg
Type of site
Owner Gossip Cop Media
Created by Michael Lewittes (Co-Founder), Dan Abrams (Co-Founder), Daniel Jacobson (Assistant Editor)
Website http://www.gossipcop.com/
Launched July 2009
Current status Active

Gossip Cop is a website based in New York City that patrols the celebrity gossip industry in search of debunking fake/untrue rumors that are posted in print or online. Co-Founders Michael Lewittes and Dan Abrams have been on Good Morning America and The Today Show[1] the morning of the launch (in July 2009) to promote the website. The site features a 0-10 truth scale for each article which determines the truth value of the particular rumor. A low rating of 0 would debunk the rumor entirely and a high rating of 10 would mean that the rumor is true.

The website's launch was received with significant publicity, with features in The New York Times,[2] ABC's Good Morning America,[3] and People Magazine.[4] It quickly rose to become one of the top 10,000 American sites in traffic.[5][better source needed]


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