Got It on My Mind

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Got It on My Mind
Got It On My Mind.jpg
Studio album by Ghetto Twiinz
Released March 27, 2001
Recorded 1999–2000
Genre Gangsta Rap, Southern Hip Hop
Label Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records
Producer Leroy "Precise" Edwards, Mr. Lee, J. Prince
Ghetto Twiinz chronology
No Pain No Gain
(1998)No Pain No Gain1998
Got It on My Mind

Got It on My Mind is the fourth and final album released by the Ghetto Twiinz. It was released on March 27, 2001 for Rap-A-Lot Records and Noo Trybe Records and featured production from Leroy "Precise" Edwards, Mr. Lee and J. Prince. Guitar and bass performed by David "D-Funk" Faulk. Got It on My Mind would prove to be the weakest of the Ghetto Twiinz albums, only making it to 68 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"- :46
  2. "Gotta Get That $"- 3:47
  3. "Head Bustin'"- 4:33
  4. "Dumb Hoes, Fake Niggas"- 4:21
  5. "N.W.A."- 3:59
  6. "Got It on My Mind"- 3:11
  7. "Dukey Dukey F/Dirty"- 4:27
  8. "Tell Me Who"- 4:52
  9. "Rumble With the South"- 4:02
  10. "It's So Hard"- 4:50
  11. "Youza Soldier"- 4:41
  12. "Feet Don't Fail Me Na"- 4:36
  13. "Love Ya Baby"- 3:07
  14. "Outtro"- 1:10
  15. "Gotta Get That $" (Radio Edit)- 3:45