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Gotham Awards
Gotham awards logo.png
Awarded for Independent film
Date 1991; 25 years ago (1991)
Location New York City, New York
Country United States
Presented by Independent Feature Project
First awarded 1991; 25 years ago (1991)
Official website

The Gotham Awards are American film awards, presented annually to the makers of independent films at a ceremony in New York City, New York (New York City was first nicknamed "Gotham" by native son Washington Irving, in an issue of Salmagundi, published on November 11, 1807).[1] Part of the Independent Feature Project (IFP), "the largest membership organization in the United States dedicated to independent film" (founded in 1979), the awards were inaugurated in 1991 as a means of showcasing and honoring films made primarily in the Northeastern region of the United States.[2]


In 2004, the scope of the awards broadened to include the international film scene, when the number of awards presented increased from six awards – given to films and those involved in making them primarily from Northeast U.S. film community – to nine awards, including in its broader scope films originating in Los Angeles, California, and international locations as well.[citation needed]


15th Annual Gotham Awards (2005)[edit]

Main article: Gotham Awards 2005

17th Annual Gotham Awards (2007)[edit]

Main article: Gotham Awards 2007

In 2007, there were a total of twelve awards: six "tribute awards" given to internationally notable film industry professionals and the Mayor of New York City, along with the six other "competitive awards", including awards for:

The tribute awards were presented to:[2][3]


Having outgrown its previous locations in the city's Manhattan borough, for the first time in its history, the 17th Annual Gotham Awards gala occurred outside of that borough, in the city's Brooklyn borough at Steiner Studios, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on November 27, 2007, and it was "promoted nationally via a partnership with The New York Times and locally via broadcast on NYC-TV".[1][2][4]

18th Annual Gotham Awards (2008)[edit]

The 18th Annual Gotham Awards were awarded on December 2, 2008.

19th Annual Gotham Awards (2009)[edit]

The 19th Annual Gotham Awards were presented on December 1, 2009.[5]

20th Annual Gotham Awards (2010)[edit]

The 20th Annual Gotham Awards were presented on November 29, 2010.[6]

21st Annual Gotham Awards (2011)[edit]

The 21st Annual Gotham Awards were presented on November 28, 2011.[7]

22nd Annual Gotham Awards (2012)[edit]

The 22nd Annual Gotham Awards were presented on November 26, 2012.

23rd Annual Gotham Awards (2013)[edit]

The 23rd Annual Gotham Awards were presented on December 2, 2013.

24th Annual Gotham Awards (2014)[edit]

The 24th Annual Gotham Awards were presented on December 1, 2014.

25th Annual Gotham Awards (2015)[edit]

The 25th Annual Gotham Awards were presented on November 30, 2015.

26th Annual Gotham Awards (2016)[edit]

The 26th Annual Gotham Awards will be presented on November 28, 2016.

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