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Gotham Writers Workshop is the United States' largest adult-education writing school.[1] It was founded in New York City in 1993 by writers Jeff Fligelman and David Grae. It was one of the first schools to offer online education, launching its online creative writing classes in 1997.[2]

The workshop offers courses in most of the major genres including fiction and novel writing, screenwriting and television, poetry, and several forms of creative nonfiction, including essay writing and memoir.[3]

It also runs fiction and screenwriting classes in partnership with Zoetrope: All Story, the literary magazine founded by Francis Ford Coppola and Adrienne Brodeur and edited by Michael Ray.[4]

Gotham Writers Workshop has produced three books, edited by school President Alexander Steele: Writing Fiction, Fiction Gallery, and Writing Movies. All the U.S. versions were published by Bloomsbury USA. They've also been translated and published in several languages.

The workshop also publishes a monthly newsletter with writing articles by its faculty and others.


Gotham faculty are all working writers, published in their fields and experienced teachers. Recent faculty include: Novelist Susan Breen,[5] playwright Richard Caliban, memoirist and novelist Kerry Cohen, longtime New York Times editor and author Francis Flaherty, travel writer and novelist James Bernard Frost, television writer Kellye Garrett, novelist Shari Goldhagen, fiction writer Manuel Gonzales, screenwriter Doug Katz, young-adult novelist Kody Keplinger, Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Jennifer Lee, science fiction novelist Daniel Marcus, TV writer and comedian Jim Mendrinos, short-story writer Kyle Minor, memoirist Julie Powell, science fiction writer Michaela Roessner, memoirist Domenica Ruta, fiction writer Hasanthika Sirisena,[6] journalist Steven James Snyder,[7] fiction writer and humorist David Yoo, and radio show host and author, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett.

Student Body[edit]

Students who began work on successful projects at Gotham include memoirist Annette Berkovits, (In The Unlikeliest Of Places, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2014); essayist Chloe Caldwell (Legs Get Led Astray, Future Tense Books, 2012); middle-grade novelist Josh Farrar, (Rules to Rock By and A Song For Bijou, both Bloomsbury USA, 2013 and 2014, respectively); TV Writer Wendy Riss; fiction writer Chris Tarry, (How To Carry Bigfoot Home, forthcoming by Red Hen Press); and screenwriter Kelly Winsa, (Hi Honey, 2012).[8]


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