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Village Development Committee
Gothibang is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 28°06′N 82°44′E / 28.10°N 82.73°E / 28.10; 82.73Coordinates: 28°06′N 82°44′E / 28.10°N 82.73°E / 28.10; 82.73
Country    Nepal
Region Mid-Western
Zone Rapti Zone
District Pyuthan District
VDC Gothibang
Population (2001 Census[1])
 • Total 4,190
  798 households
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

Gothibang is a town and Village Development Committee in Pyuthan, a Middle Hills district of Rapti Zone, western Nepal.


In Khamkura Gothi is a small, primitive mine. Bang means a field or pasture, high enough for the climate to be temperate, subalpine or even alpine.

Villages in VDC[edit]

Ward Lat. Lon Elev.
Bajipur बाजिपुर 6 28°08'N 82°44'E   715m
Chhedpakha छेडपाखा 28°06'N 82°45'E 1,136
Danda Kateri डाँडा कटेरी 28°06'N 82°43'E 1,190
Dandagaun डाँडागाउँ 8 28°06'N 82°42'E 1,610
Dandathar डाँडाथर 28°06'N 82°43'E 1,040
Dhapkholagaun धापखोलागाउँ 28°05'N 82°43'E 1,490
Dharampa धरमपा 28°05'N 82°43'E 1,730
Dibang दिबाङ 28°06'N 82°46'E   730
Gadhi गढी 3 28°06'N 82°45'E 1,150
Ghorkhandi घोरखण्डी 28°07'N 82°42'E 1,710
Gothibang गोठीबाङ 28°07'N 82°44'E   707
Judapata जुडापाटा 2 28°07'N 82°45'E   630
Jugena जुगेना 28°07'N 82°41'E 1,610
Laphe लफे 7 28°07'N 82°43'E 1,350
Maurikholagaun मौरीखोलागाउँ 28°06'N 82°42'E 1,230
Namrikot नम्रीकोट 28°06'N 82°45'E 1,010
Patihalna पातिहाल्ना 28°06'N 82°44'E   790
Punyadip पुण्यदिप 28°05'N 82°44'E 1,310
Sikhre सिख्रे 28°07'N 82°43'E   952
Simle सिम्ले 28°07'N 82°43'E 1,450



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