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Not to be confused with BC Ferries Super ferries.
Gothong Southern Shipping Lines, Inc.
Industry Shipping
Founded 2005
Founder Charles Robert Gothong
Headquarters North Reclamation Area,
Cebu City, Philippines
, Philippines
Area served
Key people
Roberto D. Gothong, CEO
Charles Robert Gothong, President
Services Logistics, Freight
Parent One Wilson Place Holdings, Inc.
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Gothong Southern or Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Incorporated is a shipping and cargo line based in Cebu City. The company was established by Bob Gothong in 2003 and is different from the original Carlos A. Gothong Lines, Inc. Gothong Southern provides freight forwarding in the country. Being in the logistics industry, the company also provides specialized services for container and chassis repairs, offering integrated port services and shipping line activities. The company operates from out of six main hubs in Luzon, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Northern Mindanao and Southern Mindanao.


Gothong Southern currently have 6 Cargo Vessels:

Cargo Vessels

  • Don Carlos Sr.1
  • Don Alfonso Sr.2
  • Don Alfredo Sr.
  • Don Alberto Sr.
  • Don Albino Sr.
  • Don Carlos Sr. 2

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