Gotlands Fotbollförbund

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Gotlands Fotbollförbund
Gotlands Fotbollförbund.png
Abbreviation Gotlands FF
Formation 1921
Purpose District Football Association
Hans Rosengren

The Gotlands Fotbollförbund (Gotland Football Association) is one of the 24 district organisations of the Swedish Football Association. It administers lower tier football on the island of Gotland.[1]


Gotlands Fotbollförbund, commonly referred to as Gotlands FF, is the governing body for football in the county of Gotland. The Association was founded on 27 February 1921 and currently has 32 member clubs. Based in Visby, the Association's Chairman is Hans Rosengren.[2]

Gotland is a member of the International Island Games Association and the Gotland football team has taken part in Football at the Island Games.

Affiliated Members[edit]

The following clubs are affiliated to the Gotlands FF:[2]

League Competitions[edit]

The office at Söderväg 5 A

Gotlands FF run the following League Competitions:

Men's Football[edit]

Division 4 - one section
Division 5 - one section
Division 6 - one section[2]

Women's Football[edit]

Division 4 - one section[2]


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