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Gotō (surname)

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Gotō (後藤, 五藤, 五島), also spelled Gotou or Gotoh, is a Japanese surname. People with the name include:


  • Jin Goto (born 1968), Japanese nihonga painter
  • John Goto (born 1949), British artist known for his montage color photography
  • Joseph Goto (1920–1994), American sculptor
  • Keiichirō Gotō (1918–2004), Japanese photographer
  • Goto Yujo (1440–1512), Japanese artisan and sword fitting maker

Film, television, and video games[edit]


  • Kumiko Goto (born 1971), Japanese singer
  • Maki Goto (born 1985), Japanese singer in Hello!Project
  • Mariko Gotō, 21st-century Japanese singer
  • Masafumi Gotoh (born 1976), member of the Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  • Midori Gotō (born 1971), Japanese-born American violinist
  • Ryu Gotō (born 1988), Japanese-American violinist
  • Suguru Goto, 21st-century Japanese composer and new media artist
  • Tsugutoshi Gotō (後藤 次利, born 1952), Japanese musician
  • Yukari Goto (後藤 友香里, born 1988), Japanese singer and voice actress


  • Fumio Gotō (1884–1980), Japanese politician and theoretician
  • Hitoshi Goto (born 1957), Japanese politician, governor of Yamanashi Prefecture
  • Gotō Morinori (1840–1875), Japanese daimyō of Fukue Domain in what is now Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Gotō Shinpei (1857–1929), Japanese statesman and cabinet member
  • Gotō Shōjirō (1838–1897), Japanese politician and leader of the Freedom and People's Rights Movement
  • Shigeyuki Goto (born 1955), Japanese politician, Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives

Military and samurai[edit]

  • Aritomo Gotō (1888–1942), Imperial Japanese Navy admiral during World War II
  • Eiji Gotō (1887–1967), Imperial Japanese Navy admiral during World War II
  • Jūrō Gotō (1887–1984), Imperial Japanese Army major general during the Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Fusanosuke Gotō (1879–1924), Imperial Japanese Army soldier
  • Gotō Mototsugu (1565–1615), Japanese samurai who served the Kuroda and Toyotomi clans
  • Goto Nobuyasu (1556–1612), Japanese samurai who served the Uesugi clan




In fiction[edit]