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Gotov je! (Serbian Cyrillic: Готов је!, meaning "He is finished!") was the prominent slogan created by Otpor! (Resistance), a Serbian-based student group formed in 1998, as the key symbol for the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević on October 5, 2000.


"Gotov je!" was used as part of a widespread campaign to encourage voters to turn up at the polls and to use their vote to remove Slobodan Milošević from power. The campaign was specifically aimed at the voters and youth abstainers.[1] It was reported in the Washington Monthly that 2.5 million stickers reading "Gotov je!" were in circulation around the time of the Bulldozer Revolution. The slogan was said to be ubiquitous around Belgrade—spray-painted on walls, visible on coats and T-shirts, and even written on some private taxis.

The sentence itself was taken from the 1982 Yugoslav film The Marathon Family, spoken by Bogdan Diklić.