Gott, gib dein Gerichte dem Könige, BWV Anh. 3

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Statue of Bach at St Nicholas Church

Gott, gib dein Gerichte dem Könige (God, give now thy judgement unto the King), BWV 1140 (formerly BWV Anh. 3), is a lost church cantata composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.[1] Bach composed the work in Leipzig in 1730 for a civic occasion, the Ratswechsel (the inauguration of a new town council).[2]

Five of the cantatas for the Ratswechsel which Bach wrote in Leipzig have survived. The event was usually held annually in St. Nicholas Church. As it was a festive occasion, Bach would presumably have included trumpets in the orchestra for this lost cantata.


The text is by Picander, who draws on the psalms. It was published in 1732.[1]


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