Skiarena Andermatt-Sedrun

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SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun
The SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun logo
The SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun logo
Location Andermatt, Uri, Central Switzerland
Sedrun, Graubünden, Central Switzerland
Dieni, Graubünden, Central Switzerland
Realp, Uri, Central Switzerland
Runs 31 runs / 102km
5 expert/black / 30km
14 intermediate/red / 57km
9 easy/blue / 15km
6 off-piste/yellow
Lift system 18 lifts
1x 2-man chairlifts
2x 4-man chairlifts
2x detachable 4-man chairlifts
3x detachable 6-man chairlift
7x T-bars
2x cable cars
Terrain parks 2 parks
1 half pipe
1 ski cross course
Website Skiarena Andermatt-Sedrun (German)

The SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun (previously the Gotthard Oberalp Arena and the Gotthard Oberalp Skiarena (until 2013)) is a ski area located in Andermatt, Sedrun, and Oberalp in Switzerland. It has 16 ski lifts[1] and approximately 30 runs, and just over 100 km of pistes. The ski area covers five separate mountains:

It previously included Winterhorn, in Hospental, which was abandoned in 2007.

Train services (run by the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) are vital in this resort as they are the only means of transport available to travel from Andermatt (Nätschen and Gemsstock) to Oberalp, Dieni, and Sedrun. Between Andermatt, Hospental, and Realp can be journeyed by car as well as the railway.

Ski areas[edit]


Gemsstock is located south of Andermatt. It has 8 runs (31 km of pistes) and 5 ski lifts (although only four are normally in use). Gemsstock also has a terrain park.[2] Gemsstock is suitable for a range of skiers of all abilities, but in particular those who are more advanced.


Nätschen's main skiing area, and the Nätschen - Stöckli chairlift and the Dürstelen T-bar

Nätschen is one of the three main mountains making the ski area. It has 9 runs (21 km of pistes) and 4 lifts, and is located north of Andermatt. Nätschen is a mountain more suited for beginners.[3]

Nätschen generally closes early for the summer, as it is south facing and is quite low.

Sedrun / Oberalp[edit]

Some of the Oberalp ski area. You can see the Alpsu lift on the right

Sedrun / Oberalp is located near Dieni, and is the biggest of all of the three mountains' ski areas. It is good for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. It has 7 ski lifts and has 13 pistes (50 km of pistes). There is a large terrain park, a half pipe, and a ski cross course.


In Realp there is a single, small T-bar, and a beginner run. There is also cross-country skiing nearby, and a biathlon course. Access can be made here by railway or by car (from Andermatt only).


In Sedrun there are two small beginner runs, served by two T-bars and a magic carpet.


In Hospental, there is a mountain called Winterhorn, which has been disused since 2007. The 2-man chairlift and the T-bar remain in place. The mountain was generally suited to intermediate skiers. It was accessible by either railway or car (from Andermatt only).

Ski lifts[edit]


There are in total 18 operating ski lifts[1] in the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun.

Mountain Name Type Height of
Height of
Gemsstock Andermatt - Gurschen Cable car 1444 2212 1991
Nätschen Andermatt - Nätschen 2-man chairlift 1451 1858 1983
Sedrun / Oberalp Dieni - Milez Detachable 4-man chairlift 1500 1881 1994
Nätschen Dürstelen T-bar 2010 2314 1981
Nätschen Grossboden T-bar 2150 2364 1994
Gemsstock Gurschen - Gemsstock Cable car 2212 2955 1990
Gemsstock Gurschen - Gurschenalp Detachable 6-man chairlift with bubble 2015 2285 2015
Gemsstock Lutersee T-bar 2025 2398 1975
Sedrun / Oberalp Mulinatsch - Cuolm Val Detachable 6-man chairlift 1658 2213 2006
Nätschen Nätschen - Stöckli Detachable 4-man chairlift 1842 2314 1994
Sedrun / Oberalp Oberalppass - Piz Calmut Detachable 6-man chairlift with bubble 2049 2350 2015
Sedrun / Oberalp Planatsch - Milez T-bar 1754 1900 1973
Realp Realp T-bar 1550 1660 1962
Sedrun / Oberalp Tegia Gronda T-bar 2020 2260 1969
Sedrun / Oberalp Val Val - Calmut 4-man chairlift 1950 2350 1988
Sedrun / Oberalp Val Val - Coulm Val 4-man chairlift 1950 2184 1988
Valtgeva Valtgeva I T-bar 1445 1450 1962
Valtgeva Valtgeva II T-bar 1622 1774 1966


There are currently two disused, but still standing, ski lifts in the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun.

Mountain Name Type Height of
Height of
Status Final
Gemsstock Gurschen - Gurschenalp 2-man chairlift 2015 2205 1982 Demolished 2015
Gemsstock Gurschenalp T-bar 2050 2285 1962 Demolished 2015
Winterhorn Hospental - Lückli 2-man chairlift 1512 1961 1981 Disused 2006
Winterhorn Lückli - Winterhorn T-bar 1937 2355 1981 Disused 2006

Ski schools[edit]

The SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun has 2 schools; one for the Sedrun skiing area, and one for the Andermatt ski areas. Each have several different classes, based on age and ability.


Plans are underway to replace the majority of the current ski lifts in Andermatt, along with new lifts and routes. The plans are for

  • Approximately 120 km of new ski runs
  • Two new ski lifts on Gemsstock, replacing the current chairlift and both T-bars
  • Six new ski lifts on Nätschen, replacing the majority of the current ones, and providing access from Göschenen
  • Three new ski lifts connecting Nätschen and Oberalp
  • One new ski lift on Oberalp, replacing the Alpsu T-bar

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