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Heinrike Dannecker (1802), oil on canvas, 119 x 100 cm. Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie

Christian Gottlieb Schick (15 August 1776 – 7 May 1812) was a German Neoclassical painter. His history paintings, portraits, and landscapes are characterized by romantic tendencies. Of these, he is best known for his portraits.

He was born in Stuttgart. He studied from 1795 to 1797 at the Hohe Karlsschule under Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch, a follower of Jacques-Louis David.[1] In 1797–98 he studied under Johann Heinrich von Dannecker, then relocated to Paris where he spent 1799 to 1802 in the studio of David.[1] Between 1802 and 1811 he stayed in Rome, and became an important figure in that city's artistic life.[1] In Schick's last years, his style of Raphaelesque classicism gradually acquired a romantic orientation.


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