Gottskálk grimmi Nikulásson

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His Excellency

Gottskálk Nikulásson
Bishop of Holar
ChurchRoman Catholic
Term ended8 December 1520
PredecessorÓlafur Rögnvaldsson
Opposed toJón Arason
Personal details
Died1520 (aged 50–51)
Nationality Icelandic

Gottskálk grimmi Nikulasson (1469 – 8 December 1520), was the Bishop of Hólar from the year 1496 to 1520. He was the nephew of Ólafur Rögnvaldsson who preceded him as bishop. He was succeeded by Jón Arason (1484–1550), the last Roman Catholic bishop in Iceland. [1]

Gottskálk Nikulasson has received harsh judgment in Icelandic history resulting in his nickname grimmi meaning cruel. He is also known as the author of a book about black magic; Rauðskinna. [2]


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