Stittsville Ward

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Location within Ottawa
Location within Ottawa
Coordinates: 45°16′N 75°55′W / 45.267°N 75.917°W / 45.267; -75.917Coordinates: 45°16′N 75°55′W / 45.267°N 75.917°W / 45.267; -75.917
Country Canada
Province Ontario
City Ottawa
 • Councillor Shad Qadri
 • Total 16.3 km2 (6.3 sq mi)
Population (2011)Canada 2011 Census [1]
 • Total 26,455
 • Density 1,600/km2 (4,200/sq mi)
 • English 86.6%
 • French 6.2%
Avg. income $53,111

Stittsville (Ward 6) is a city ward in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It consists of the community of Stittsville in suburban Ottawa. Prior to the 2006 election, the Ward was known as Goulbourn Ward which consisted of the former Goulbourn Township (including Stittsville and Richmond). The ward as altered in 2006, by losing all of the rural parts of Goulbourn (including urban Richmond) and gaining a tiny bit of the former city of Kanata around Scotiabank Place. The ward was created when Goulbourn was amalgamated into Ottawa in 2000. It was known as Stittsville-Kanata West Ward until 2010.

Stittsville's current councillor is Shad Qadri, who replaced Janet Stavinga in the 2006 election, in which Ms. Stavinga did not run. She had held the ward since its creation.

City councillors[edit]

  1. Janet Stavinga (2000–2006)
  2. Shad Qadri (2006–present)

Election results[edit]

Ottawa municipal election, 2000[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Janet Stavinga 4528 45.01
Betty Hill 3401 33.80
Steven Lewis 2132 21.19

Ottawa municipal election, 2003[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Janet Stavinga 5076 64.15
Michal P. O'Rourke 2837 35.85

Ottawa municipal election, 2006[edit]

Incumbent councillor Janet Stavinga decided against running for re-election, in the newly formed ward which lost most of its rural areas. The race to fill the seat is between Gilles R. Chasles and Shad Qadri. Chasles is a Conservative and a businessman, owning Danicks Data Systems. Qadri is also a businessman, operating Showbiz Entertainment and Gifts with his family.

City council
Candidate Votes %
Shad Qadri 6287 72.02
Gilles R. Chasles 2442 27.98

Ottawa municipal election, 2010[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Shad Qadri 7185 91.46
Richard Eveleigh 671 8.54

Ottawa municipal election, 2014[edit]

City council
Candidate Vote  %
    Shad Qadri (X) 5,182 60.94
    David Lee 3,322 39.06
Ottawa mayor (Ward results)
Candidate Vote  %
    Jim Watson 5,745 68.54
    Mike Maguire 2,331 27.81
    Rebecca Pyrah 74 0.88
    Robert White 63 0.75
    Anwar Syed 60 0.72
    Darren W. Wood 53 0.63
    Bernard Couchman 29 0.35
    Michael St. Arnaud 27 0.32


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