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Goumoens-la-Ville town hall
Goumoens-la-Ville town hall
Coat of arms of Goumoëns
Coat of arms
Goumoëns is located in Switzerland
Goumoëns is located in Canton of Vaud
Coordinates: 46°39′N 6°36′E / 46.650°N 6.600°E / 46.650; 6.600Coordinates: 46°39′N 6°36′E / 46.650°N 6.600°E / 46.650; 6.600
Country Switzerland
Canton Vaud
District Gros-de-Vaud
 • Mayor Syndic
 • Total 13.9 km2 (5.4 sq mi)
Population (Dec 2015[1])
 • Total 1,054
 • Density 76/km2 (200/sq mi)
SFOS number 5541
Surrounded by Échallens, Penthéréaz, Saint-Barthélemy, Villars-le-Terroir
Website http://www.goumoens.ch
Profile (French), SFSO statistics

Goumoëns is a municipality in the district of Gros-de-Vaud in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

The municipalities of Éclagnens, Goumoens-la-Ville and Goumoens-le-Jux merged on 1 July 2011 into the new municipality of Goumoëns.[2]


Éclagnens is first mentioned in 1265 as de Clanens.[3] Goumoens-la-Ville is first mentioned in 1228 as Guimuens li vila.[4] Goumoens-le-Jux is first mentioned in 1447 as Gumoens lo Jux. During the Ancien Régime it was known as Le Craux.[5]


Goumoëns has an area, as of 2009, of 13.89 square kilometers (5.36 sq mi). Of this area, 9.41 km2 (3.63 sq mi) or 67.7% is used for agricultural purposes, while 3.36 km2 (1.30 sq mi) or 24.2% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 0.96 km2 (0.37 sq mi) or 6.9% is settled (buildings or roads), 0.04 km2 (9.9 acres) or 0.3% is either rivers or lakes and 0.01 km2 (2.5 acres) or 0.1% is unproductive land.[6]

Historic population[edit]

The historical population is given in the following chart:[3][4][5][7]


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