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Gourgue, or Gourgues,is the name of an old French aristocratic family. The members of this family where particularly important in France from the late Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century.

Origins and important figures[edit]

The first time the name of the family appeared was when Pierre de Gourgue signed the Charte de Mont-de-Marsan, in 1146. Geoffroy de Gourgue, however, was an important councillor of Philippe IV le Bel, in 1285. The family provided an important amount of very influent persons, like Ogier-Jean de Gourgue, Finance Minister of Guyenne, who received the "Chateau de Vayres" from Henri de Navarre in 1583. The most famous figure of the family of Gourgue was Dominique de Gourgue who attacked Spanish positions in North Florida to avenge the massacre of French Huguenots.