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Gourmand Awards
Awarded for Best cookbooks and wine books in the world
Website www.cookbookfair.com

The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau. It is free competition and open to publishers in all languages and countries. The Gourmand Awards celebrate global cookbook and wine book publishing and feature many world-renowned chefs each year.[1] There is also a focus on self-published books as founder, Edouard Cointreau sees this as the fastest growing segment in publishing. [2]

In 2008, books from 102 countries participated in the competition. It is sometimes described as the "Oscars of food awards in Paris". [3][4]


Gourmand Awards 2009 at La Comédie-Française, Paris

The objectives of the Awards are:

  • To reward and honour those who "cook with words".[5]
  • To help readers find the best out of the 26,000 food and wine books produced every year.
  • To help publishers with international rights to translate and distribute food and wine books.
  • To help book retailers find the 50 food and wine books that each year should be offered to clients.
  • To create an opportunity to access the major markets in English, Chinese, German, Spanish or French for books originated in other languages.
  • To increase knowledge and respect for food and wine culture, which promotes peace.

The winners in each language are announced in November, and compete for the Best in the World, announced in April of the following year at a gala dinner.[6]

History of the Awards Ceremonies[edit]

The 2008 Awards at Olympia, London.

Every year, Gourmand gives the awards in a very special location for gastronomy. The Ceremony is always an opportunity to meet every important person in the world of cookbooks and winebooks: hundreds of publishers, authors, chefs and journalists take part in these events.[7]

The 2007 Awards in Beijing, China.

"Gourmand has created a wide spectrum of representation and entertainment with the awards ceremony: at the same moment glamorous and humorous, elegant and funny." Herta Gal, Author, Germany


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