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Also known as Vimana
Origin Netherlands
Genres Uplifting trance
Years active 1999-present
Labels Tsunami, Flashover
Members Ferry Corsten (1999-Present)
Tiësto (1999-2001)

Gouryella were originally a Dutch Trance act comprising Ferry Corsten and Tiësto, and since 2001, solely Ferry Corsten. The word itself means "heaven" in the aborigine language.[citation needed] They are best known for the self-titled uplifting trance track "Gouryella". On the 26th of May 2015, Ferry Corsten announced the return of his Gouryella alias with a new uplifting trance track called Anahera to be released on the 15th of June 2015.[1]


In 1999, Dutch musicians Ferry Corsten and Tiësto joined forces to create Gouryella. In time there were twenty separate album releases of the four Gouryella tracks from nine different record labels.

Gouryella released six tracks: "Gouryella", "Gorella", "Walhalla", "In Walhalla", "Tenshi" and "Ligaya". "Gorella" and "In Walhalla" were B-sides and were not released in the UK, although they did appear on the respective German and Dutch import albums. All four released tracks appeared on Tranceaddict's Top 100 EDM tracks list[2] as well as the 2011 Trance Top 1000.

In late 2000, Tiësto decided he needed to concentrate on his solo work, and left Corsten to write and produce "Ligaya", with the Dutch producer John Ewbank.

The first single, "Gouryella", contained remixes from DJ Gigilo and Armin van Buuren. "Walhalla", also released in 1999, also featured a remix from Van Buuren, as well as Hybrid. In July 1999, the duo both received a gold record for sales of "Gouryella".

The release of "Tenshi" (Japanese for "angel") in 2000 featured some remixes from Transa, ATB and Ratty (Scooter).

In 2002, Corsten produced "Ligaya", and set it for release with a remix pack from Hiver & Hammer and Green Court, plus an extra Corsten remix. Dutch duo Rank 1 also did a remix which, although not officially released, did see Rank 1 play it in some of their sets in 2002 and 2003. A stream of remixes by fans soon followed the original release, most notably by Airbase who allowed people to download his own remix for free before the original was released to the public. 2003 saw the release of "Ligaya"'s hard mixes by Yoji Biomehanika and Walt. Gouryella remixed two tracks for other artists, both in 1999: Solange - Messages and Binary Finary - 1999.

Additionally, Corsten and Tiësto released two tracks under the name of Vimana. "We Came" appeared in 1999 and featured a B-side "Dreamtime".

Rumors circulated the internet that Gouryella were due to release a track called "Maya" in 2012, however a status update on Facebook posted on 07/11/2011 by Ferry Corsten suggested that this rumour was in fact untrue. Ferry commented "I've read some rumors on the internet about a new track called "Maya"... Can somebody send me a link, I'm very curious to hear it myself too!"[citation needed]


Tribute albums[edit]

This list contains tribute albums by Gouryella.[3]

  • 2004: Best
  • 2005: Best of System F & Gouryella (Part One)
  • 2006: Best of System F & Gouryella (Part Two)


This list contains singles by Gouryella.[4]


This list contains B-sides, produced by Gouryella.[6]

  • 1999 "Gorella" B-side of "Gouryella"
  • 1999 "In Walhalla" B-side of "Walhalla"


This list contains remixes by Gouryella.[7]

  • 1999: Solange - "Messages" (Gouryella Remix)
  • 1999: Binary Finary - "1999" (Gouryella Remix)


  • 1999: Gold record ("Gouryella")
  • 2000: Gold record ("Walhalla")