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GovX, Inc.
Founded 2011
Founder Marc Van Buskirk
Headquarters La Jolla, California, USA

GovX is an e-commerce destination for active duty, reserve and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies. The company is headquartered near La Jolla, California, in the San Diego Metropolitan area. It is one of the world’s largest online shopping destinations for military, law enforcement and related government personnel.[1] GovX allows qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces and those in related government agencies to shop for apparel, equipment and other products as well as on–duty tactical products.[2]

Origins and history[edit]

GovX was founded in 2011 by Marc Van Buskirk, Shannon Van Buskirk and Anthony Farwell. Two of GovX’s founders were involved in the development and operation of US Standard Issue, a single brand, direct-to-military, tactical e-commerce Web site offering Oakley tactical products. Its founding CEO, Marc Van Buskirk, was largely responsible for developing Oakley’s military-direct sales channel and US Standard Issue. Oakley acquired the USSI web site from Van Buskirk and soon after, Van Buskirk founded GovX.[3]


Community outreach[edit]

GovX is partnered with the National Association For Uniformed Services, Air Force Association, and Marine Corps Association and Foundation, offering members of each exclusive pricing. GovX also allocates a portion of proceeds from purchases made by its members to benefit military associations and foundations to support the families of both the armed forces and law enforcement. Participating military and law enforcement associations receive a portion of the proceeds from their members’ purchases.[4]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Military Edition[edit]

In 2012, GovX partnered with Electronic Arts and Danger Close Games to develop an exclusive "Military only" edition of their upcoming title Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The Medal of Honor: Warfighter Military Edition will bundle the limited edition of the shooter with additional in-game content, and will only be available for active, reserve and former US military personnel and US government employees exclusively on[5]

The Military Edition includes all the perks of the game's civilian-ready Limited Edition, as well as "exclusive in-game unlocks." One particular unlock is a camouflage pattern named "Project HONOR," which is tied to a real-world promotion arranged by EA to raise money for the families of fallen Special Operations soldiers.[6] This version of the game will only be sold through GovX, an online retailer for verified military, law enforcement or government employees.[7]


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