Governing Mayor of Oslo

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The Governing Mayor of Oslo (Norwegian: Byrådsleder) is the head of the city government of Oslo. The Governing Mayor appoints and removes the members (vice mayors) of the city cabinet and decides how the departments and the central administration are organised. The city government consists of eight members. [1]


The current Governing Mayor of Oslo is Raymond Johansen. He took office on 21 October 2015.

List of governing mayors[edit]

Term Governing Mayor
1986–1989 Hans Svelland
1989–1992 Michael Tetzschner
1992–1997 Rune Gerhardsen
1997–2000 Fritz Huitfeldt
2000–2009 Erling Lae
2009–2015 Stian Berger Røsland
2015–present Raymond Johansen