Government College, Chittur

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Government College, Chittur
Type Government College
Location Kerala, India
10°41′13″N 76°43′24″E / 10.6869°N 76.7234°E / 10.6869; 76.7234Coordinates: 10°41′13″N 76°43′24″E / 10.6869°N 76.7234°E / 10.6869; 76.7234
Language English

The Government College Chittur is one of the oldest educational institutions in Kerala, India. The college is affiliated to the University of Calicut and is a special grade College under the Department of Collegiate Education, government of Kerala.

It provides undergraduate and postgraduate education in Science, Arts and Commerce subjects. Nearly 1400 students study across all departments in an academic year.


The college was established on 11 August 1947. It started functioning in the present forty acre campus on the bank of serene Sokanasini (also known as Chittur Puzha) since 1954.

In 2007 the Department of Mathematics got support of Rs 10 Lakh from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), of the government of India, under their FIST Programme. The Department of Mathematics was the first such department in arts and science colleges of Kerala to get the fund.

In 2014 the college got the same funding of Rs 1 Crore (mainly for the Departments of Mathematics and Geography) for improving the facilities in lab, buying software etc.

Also in 2014, the Department of Mathematics obtained a funding of Rs 12 Lakh from KSCSTE of the government of Kerala, under their scheme Selective Augumentation of Research and Development.


महाजनो येन गत : स पन्था – The path traveled by great people is the right path – is the motto inscribed in the logo of the college.


The college is 17 km away from Palakkad town where it will take less than 1 hour to reach the college from town. Bus accessibility to reach college is very good.


There are 14 departments: Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, Electronics, Geography, History, Malayalam, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Tamil, Zoology offers undergraduate courses.

Commerce, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, Mathematics, Music, and Tamil departments offer PG courses also. The Departments of Tamil, Philosophy, Music and Mathematics are Research Departments of the University of Calicut.